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Experience Stories

Following the theory of Hippocrates, 'There is no illness, there is only the ill individual,' rather than diagnosing, the treatment based on running the collapsed systems has resulted in a more quality life for me personally. I am experiencing the happiness of change, being able to manage stress, and becoming a person who can lead a better life.

Dilek Ak

I received support from Dr. Murat Balanlı in the past years regarding ozone and other treatments. I found significant healing related to the treatment of my serious illness. I thank my doctor and all the clinic staff very much. The hospitality and hygiene were the most important details. Thanks a lot.

Metin Kök

I met Dr. Murat last year. Our conversations about nutrition and healthy living were very enjoyable. I experienced a three-month IV therapy course with him and was very satisfied. I didn't get sick at all throughout the winter. I also quit smoking after the New Year. We had long discussions about this topic. I am considering continuing on the same path with Dr. Murat in the coming years.

Gizem Barlak

During my treatment process, thanks to the smiling face, sweet language, experience, and accurate diagnoses, I was able to get rid of the medications I had been using for a long time and regain my old health. Thank you Dr. Murat.

Fatih Sözen

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